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Welcome to my Website!

I am hoping that you will follow me on my journey now.  I am determined and committed to setting up an Internet Marketing business that delivers only value to my subscribers and clients.

No “Get Rich Quick” schemes or “Overnight Riches” promised here!  There is a right way and a wrong way to make money in internet marketing.  Most people choose the wrong way.

Problems With Get Rich Quick Schemes:

  • They skip the foundation – you never learn the basics of how to grow a sustainable business and solve problems for your customers.
  • They claim that one-size-fits-all.  Your growth and your success will be dramatically different from anyone elses.  How can one person claim to have all the answers for every type of business out there?
  •  They don’t offer personal help.  There is no one there if you get stuck and need help.  They’ve got your money, what’s in it for them to help you succeed.
  •  There is no magic success pill.  Even if you follow all of their instructions to the letter, if you aren’t good at sales and marketing, you could still end up with no customers and dismal sales.

The best advice I ever got…

Focus on growth:

  • Get in shape slowly. Rather than spend time on a get rich quick scheme, try working your butt off and give your customers a reason to trust and follow you.
  • Get help from a mentor.  Work with a professional that can help you achieve the results that you are looking for.  There is a reason why mentors are popular, they are good at what they do and can help you look and feel great. So why not find a mentor to help your business get into shape?
  • Test and analyze the data.  Find out what your customers really want.  Just because you think your idea is brilliant, doesn’t mean that people will pay for it. Do a survey, talk to customers, find out what’s missing and how you can capitalize on that opportunity.
  • Pivot.   Listening to customer feedback and making small changes is the way to go for long term growth. Maybe it’s time to make a drastic change.  Refer to your data and make a decision to either keep going or make a change. Make the decision quickly and move on.
  • Deliver great products. Duh. If your business solves problems for people, they will become loyal customers and will refer you within their networks.  Just make sure you can deliver on your promises.
  • Follow a plan.  The reason that personal trainers and coaches are successful in getting you to lose weight, or train for an event is because you follow a plan, a regimen that has been tested and that works.  Develop a plan on how you’ll get and retain customers and then put it into action!
  • Your focus should be on marketing, gaining trust, engaging customers and solving problems.
  • Don’t let your hunger for progress and statistics overcome your hunger to build products that people love.

I hope this helps you to focus, as it has helped me.  Too many times I have jumped from one thing to another, looking for those bright shiny objects that promise me riches beyond my wildest dreams.

I will always purchase, review and test each and every product prior to making a recommendation to my subscribers, unless it is a product that I have prior knowledge of or have personally created.

I promise to never “give up”. I will work 100% to achieve my goals and to help others to achieve theirs. I am committed to making this happen and to helping others do the same. I will do everything within my power to help others achieve freedom from their boring 9 to 5 jobs.

I will publish my goals in my next post so that you know where I am going and you can choose to follow me on my journey.

I am welcoming you to follow me on this journey and I will keep you informed as to my progress. I will let you know what I am doing and what mistakes I have made as well as sharing my successes with you.  I will let you know what resources are working for me and you can share with our group what resources that work for you. Ask questions and learn!

So begins our journey! Good luck.


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